Black Lives Matter

Thumbnail art created by my talented friend, Tahira from Teecaake. You can find the original post here on Instagram. She’s currently raising funds to support the Black Lives Matter movement with her artwork. You can find more information on her website.

Not the usual post this week, but I’ve been quite active on social media about this and I wanted to keep the conversation going on my blog – a platform that gets viewed every single day. In addition to everything else out there, I hope that this points people to the right direction and continues to raise awareness.

I’ve been feeling a lot of emotion this past week, my heart is heavy, I’m angry and distressed with everything going on. I have a lot of things to say, but right now, I just want to focus on this.

Black Lives Matter.


For our black brothers and sisters, we need to all do better.

Understand your privilege, educate yourself,
support black communities,
use your platforms to elevate their voices,
use your money for good – donate if you can,
stand with them.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week learning about my own privllege as a “model minority” and I’m still learning. One thing I’m sure of is that I want to be more proactive. Proactive in raising Black voices, proactive in calling people out, proactive in educating myself and my community.

I stand with black communities. Enough is enough.

Let me redirect you to this useful resource, it really breaks down how you can help right now.

I also shared some of my favourite black creators that I love following on Instagram, I wanted to link them all here too:

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