May, For Me

(Safe) Time outside ❤️
(Safe) Time outside ❤️

Main Highlights



  • ☁️ I’ve taken a few days off to enjoy longer weekends this month. I’m so glad that I have done because they were so needed during this time! My mind feels so much calmer.
  • 👗 Sold more items on my Depop – to the point the folks at the Post Office know me by name and face. 😂
  • 🍎 Used up more of our pantry! Less food waste. ✨
  • 💰 I took part in no-spend May! Pretty chuffed with myself.
  • 📦 Matt and I found an apartment we love!
  • 🇬🇷 We didn’t go to Greece as planned.
  • ☀️ But we’ve had some amazing weather in the UK



  • 🤔 As I’m reaching the end of my graduate scheme, I’ve been doing quite a bit of preparation for the next steps. Fingers crossed on what happens next — I’m determined to continue trying my best and providing value where I can!
  • 🙌🏻 I’ve done some major updating of my portfolio and CV in preparation
  • 🤔 I’m enjoying WFH. I think I could work remotely longer term…

3 Things that made me happy

1) Online Support 🌟

Since setting up my buymeaburrito page, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people support me. 🥺 It means a lot that others have found my content useful or inspiring, it really motivates me to keep going!

I started everything Pawlean-related as a personal place for me to reflect, and hopefully have one or two people read my posts. Over the years, it’s just grown and I keep connecting with more people around the world who are all just amazing. 💜 I didn’t think I’d have such an impact on people, even though it is small – it’s impact nonetheless.

If you’d like to support me, I’ve set up a page which lists different ways that you can! Check it out here.

2) Speaking at virtual events 🎤

I’ve tried to keep my community spirit up by attending events if I could. I had the opportunity this month to speak at a few events which was a lot of fun! I’m still trying to get used to presenting virtually, the awkward siliences at the end of each talk still takes quite a bit in getting used to I think 😂

It has also been great to connect with the wider community to help me feel normal. 😊

3) Having fun at home

I’ve spent more time this month away from work (I’ve taken a few long weekends) I thought that I’d feel bored at home, but I actually managed to find loads of things to do in my spare time. It’s a tricky balance of off-screen time off course, but I have felt a lot more at ease with my few days off with no particular schedule or commitment. It’s been so lovely 😊

May in Photos

May 2020 in Photos
May 2020 in Photos: lots of walks, better weather and bright sports gear

May Favourites

  • 📺 New Girl – I’m obsessed. It’s finally on Netflix so I’ve been binge watching it 🙈 I actually bought one episode when I was about 16 years old when my friend gave me an iTunes voucher (and Netflix and other streaming services weren’t really a thing…) It was a random episode so I didn’t really understand it, but now I have the luxury of binging from start to finish. Jess reminds me too much of me and my stupid experiences 😂
  • 🍿 Pirates of the Caribbean – Matt and I watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean films pretty much back-to-back. It’s always fun getting immersed in films, but I have to say that as the series went on I was getting sick of Pirates. 🤣 The first one is amazing though!
  • 🎸 Isolation Tapes by Mahaila – I’ve been listening to this album all month, it’s so good. If you’re unfamilar with Mahalia, I highly recommend that you check her out! Talented people though. 🥺 Here’s her doing a live version. GOOSEBUMPS.

Quote of the month

Next month

  • 📦 We’ll be MOVING to our new apartment! I’m so excited.
  • 🎂 I’ll be turning 24. Crazy how time flies.

2 responses to “May, For Me”

  1. Hey Pauline!

    Your May looks so eventful! 😲
    I try to make a note of what happens daily, but some where with the WFH scenario my head gets pretty messed with dates! I still feel it was just 1st of May two days back 😂
    I love how you are contributing to the tech community! I also hope your shifting next month goes smoothly! It is very difficult at least here in Mumbai to even get furniture and stuff delivered to our homes. Shifting houses is a big no no 😣

    But on the bright side, I agree with you, WFH is getting fun or I’m getting used to the pace of it and prefering it over going to office!

    1. Thanks Bhairavee! I’m feeling the same, I love WFH. Remote working is finally taking off. 😊

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