June, For Me

Happy end-of-June, friends! I hope that you had a great one. 💜

A quick snap on one of my runs!

Main Highlights


A sneak peak of what is to come 🎉 Original post on Twitter.


  • 🤝 I met some of my team in person this month for the first and last time because…
  • ❤️ Surprise! I’m at the end of working my notice period at SBG.
  • 👀 So stay tuned for what comes next!



  • 🎂 I turned 25!
  • 🌃 After spending 2 months at home, I’ve returned to Leeds. It’s been nice to live in my apartment and be with my plants (and partner! 😂)
  • 👗 I went on a decluttering spree which always makes me feel good about everything 😆
  • 🐝 We tried Jollibee that opened in Leeds! A solid 3.5/5 🤝 Nothing beats the real thing in the Philippines.
  • 🍋 We experimented with food subscription services this month with Hello Fresh and Lion’s Prep. I’ve enjoyed using them✨
  • 🏃🏻‍♀️ My weekly runs continue, and my cardiovascular fitness is improving bit by bit!
  • 💪🏼 Slowly easing myself back to the gym but enjoying Apple Fitness+ as always (especially now with an Apple TV) and working out at home.
  • 🥰 I enjoyed catching up with a few friends this month. I feel like my social batteries have recharged
  • 🤞🏼 Finally booked a consultation to get LASIK!

Things that made me happy

For June, the thing that has made me happy the most has had to be the fact that I’m alive and well. I didn’t imagine 24 being how it turned out, but I’m so happy with what I managed to accomplish and being more mindful of my capacity and needs. Go me! 😊

Full Instagram post

Starting this thread was also pretty nice.

June in Photos

June 2021
What June 2021 looked like for me – outdoor runs, getting older and closing off another chapter!

June Favourites

  • 📺 Loki on Disney+ came out this month, and we’ve been enjoying watching it every Wednesday! Totally getting Doctor Who vibes from it.
  • 🎙 I discovered the Developer Love Podcast recently and have enjoyed the conversations that I have listened to.
  • 📚 I’m currently reading and enjoying the book, The Business of Belonging: How to Make Community your Competitive Advantage by David Spinks. It’s a brilliant book that has taken me back on all the communities that I’ve either created or been a part of from years ago. Communities are so important ❤️

Quote of the Month

Instagram post by Adam Grant • Jun 22, 2021 at 1:20pm UTC

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