Making sales less of a headache 🧐

I’m currently going through my wardrobe and brutally getting rid of things I don’t wear anymore. This seems like a super long journey because I never can seem to let go of certain items despite never wearing them or only wearing them for one event I attend to in a year. My obsession with activewear (*cough* Gymshark) hasn’t helped in the past year… BUT I am improving.

I did a little experiment in January, where I only wore one pair of jeans and five different tops – all black for two weeks. As for gym clothes, I wore two different leggings and 6 different sports bras (because I’m a hot sweaty mess after a workout) I thought I’d get bored quickly but realised that I could survive with the handful of clothes that I had.

With this motivation, I started to declutter again.

I started piling up clothes that no longer fit because I lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately, one of those included my only black jeans. ☹️ I decided to replace them with some new ones! Around the same time, Love The Sales got in touch with me and asked if we could work on something together. Talk about destiny! 😉

This post is will be a review of the website, service and my experience. I did get free items from them in exchange for this honest review. 😁

What is Love The Sales? 🛍

When I first started browsing Love The Sales, I was quickly impressed by the idea of the website.

Have you ever had multiple tabs on of different online stores comparing loads prices and styles? Love The Sales makes that easier, it’s where you can shop every sale in one place. It’s a smarter, more efficient (in time) shopping experience.

Some of the brands they work with include TOPSHOP, River Island, Nike, ASOS, Forever 21 and Michael Kors.

Love The Sales

My experience 🌟

My hunt for new staple items to get replace old ones was so much easier! I don’t do a lot of online shopping nowadays (can we assume I’m excluding Gymshark from this conversations) because I find it annoying comparing loads of different sites for deals.

I didn’t get this with Love The Sales, it fulfilled my expectations of making shopping quicker and easier.

I also liked:

  • How it was so easy to navigate – switching between brands I trust
  • Being redirected to retailer’s item directly
  • The “Preview Sales Mode” feature –  this lets you browse full price items before they go on sale, save them by hitting the shortlist button 💙 and once they do go on sale, you get an alert!  
  • Being able to filter by biggest savings %
  • The range of retailers they work with – it’s not just clothes, but also electronics, home and outdoor.

I received my ASOS and TOPSHOP order from the site within a week of placing an order. I have to admit that I was initially surprised that it worked so well, I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting!

Paw’s Wardrobe

For those that are wondering, I got some black jeans and a black dress for everyday wear and an event I’m going to later in the month.

My current outfit palette is neutral colours and then bright as hell stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb activewear. 🤣 I’m attempting to create a more minimalist and essentials wardrobe rather than having loads of styles to choose from every morning leading to headaches 😆

I’m attempting to go for neutral colours, shirt and jeans and gym clothes. Ideally, the sort of thing I was wearing a lot of in September last year:

Overall impression 👍🏻

I’m impressed by the idea and happy to see that they are out there to give shoppers a better experience. If I ever need to do any more shopping in the future, I definitely will be returning to Love The Sales to make my shopping experience less frustrating. 

You can shop on, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and read their blog where they sometimes put up fun little competitions!

I also had an awesome opportunity to work with the Co-Founder of LoveTheSales, Stuart McClure, on a blog post about the key skills needed for starting up your own business. If you’re interested, you can read the post here.

8 responses to “Making sales less of a headache 🧐”

  1. This sounds like a really great site to use for sales. I very rarely buy from anywhere other than New Look, so it’d be a great way of forcing myself to look at other stores. I’ve actually never bought anything from ASOS which is really weird considering everyone shops on there now. What am I even doing?!

    I’m so bad for sale shopping. I like to fill my basket with everything I want, instead of just looking directly for the clothes I need. It’s probably why my wardrobe was overflowing when I lived at my parents’ house. I’m much better at stopping myself now, but the sales sometimes still get me!

    Good luck decluttering. I read Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up recently and it really made me want to sort my house out. I have so much stuff that I rarely use and it’s taking up so much space!

    1. I love that book! I think it is such an inspiration when it comes to decluttering. 🤗

  2. I don’t buy clothes that often, but this is cool. It would be nice to have all sales in one location so you don’t have to go store hopping. It definitely saves a lot of time, and also effort in comparing prices at different stores.

  3. What a cool idea! Awesome if your in the market for clothes!

    I really gotta get rid of some clothes too!

    1. Yes! Glad you liked it Megan!

  4. I need to do a declutter, like really badly. I still have clothes from when I was 16 years old that I know I DON’T wear anymore but for some reason are still in my wardrobe. That’s most likely my laziness talking lol.

    This site looks and sounds good! When I finally get round to decluttering, I do want to get around to updating my wardrobe. However, going to each individual website is LONG FOR MAN. So this sounds like it would work for me!

    1. I’m glad you liked it Chynna! Thanks 🤗 I am doing decluttering sessions every month at least once, I find it therapeutic 😂

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