Timeless Thoughts: Rounders

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Being sick wasn’t the way I wanted to start my New Year. I had to take a few days off work but thankfully, my flu has now almost completely gone! The good thing that came out of being sick was that I got talking to a few of old friends who I went to primary school with. We spent a long time reminiscing about life before adult responsibilities started kicking in, I had mentioned about my new obsession with fitness and health and they reminded me of the time I was obsessed with rounders.

The best part of rounders: throwing the bat. Except we weren’t allowed to do that after someone hit another student in the face.

I actually remember hating rounders initially, I mean it seemed impossible trying to hit the ball with a rounded bat (they should be ‘flat’ bats I remember saying ?) I was so bad at it and the rest of the class knew I was really bad at it so guess who always, always got chosen last when the teams were being picked?

I don’t know what happened but it was another afternoon playing rounders with my class and once again my turn to fail at hitting the ball. I remember just wanting to get it over and done with as soon as possible, especially with mean kids saying, “Let me take her shot instead, she’s not going to score” comments flying left, right and centre.

There was that time though I didn’t screw up, I hit it and lemme tell you, girl, it wasn’t just your ‘average’ hit but one that went over the fences, onto the road, and ended up in another city.

It was really impressive for a lucky shot anyway. I didn’t even have to run to go around the circuit, I walked it like a boss (but seeing as I had no physical activity during that time, I couldn’t run if I wanted to anyway.)

When the next round of rounders came along, I was picked almost instantly which had got me worried that I wouldn’t do as well again. Thankfully I managed to understand how to play better, got better, and you see my obsession over the gym right now? That was me with a good ol’ game of rounders at one point.

Turning up to a game of rounders after one good game like:

My whole rounders experience summed up from one Beyonce music video.

Looking back I wish I got involved in more sports (outside of P.E) instead of sitting around and spending my spare time completing Ratchet & Clank which I actually don’t regret that much. I did get involved with Netball for a year or two but the cattiness from that didn’t seem worth it.

I think I wouldn’t do as well if I were to try again now but it was certainly fun being good at, at least one, sport back then.

My friends found it funny to see how much I’ve changed in this sense, I used to use any excuse in P.E to just sit out, and would be completely okay with not moving around for long periods of time. Nowadays, I find being sat down all day as being the worse thing I can do. Which is why I effectively use lunch breaks or any breaks I can to move (would you believe me if I said I did a quick HIIT routine during my lunch break once?)

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  1. Well, I learnt something new today! I had no idea what “rounders” is so, I had to Google that! Now I know it’s . . . similar to baseball/softball, but with slightly different equipments and gameplay XD

    I enjoyed reading your memory. I giggled at how you made that lucky shot unintentionally! It’s funny when things like that happen. It’s good you were able to get into rounders for a bit 🙂 I, too, was not fond of PE, and looking back, I think I would have liked PE better if I were able to exercise and do things I enjoy at my own pace. Being timed for the mile run and then being put on teams for sports game is not my idea of fun. Even now, it’s not my idea of fun. Just let me exercise at my own pace!

    Thanks for participating, Pauline 🙂 Glad to hear you’re also feeling better! <3

  2. Hahaha what a boss! I think that sometimes the initial embarrassment of other students/players pointing out that you should “go field instead” or do something less supposedly useful than play as the batsman batswoman (whatever sport it may be, really) only makes us want to fight and just show them that we aren’t that bad. I used to enjoy playing cricket when I was still in school, and I could not catch a ball for shit, nor could I hit a ball very far. But somehow I was very good at bowling the ball and got many compliments. So I stuck with doing that. ?

    I really hated PE when I was in school. I would try to find any way to get out of it. It’s really weird how you look at it differently when you’re older. I think many kids are forced into doing it by schools and they don’t really make it very fun. Bringing a change of clothes to school was generally a pain in the butt (not sure if you had to do that). I loved dancing and gymnastics but we often did sport that I just really, really hated. It’s pretty funny how I now try to find exercise I enjoy because that is 100% the most important part ??

  3. Hahha love it. 😀 It’s great to look back at certain moments and times and see how we have evolved and things that change (or kind of come back later). 😀

  4. I saw on Snapchat that you were ill. Poor babe 🙁 Seems it’s going around. Glad that you’re feeling much better now, though!

    I LOVE rounders. That Beyonce GIF is perfect. I love that the shot you took was ballin’ and you didn’t even mean it. If it were me, and I would mean it and would totally fail in that respect. Pahaha. I always used to use any excuse to get out of PE, as well. I HATED it. I used to be on my period every week. Don’t even come at me ?

    Also, don’t you worry – Sheffield will be seeing me REAL soon 😉

  5. I never played rounders but I’ve played baseball/softball in the past.

    I can only imagine how good it felt to shut the mean kids up with your hit.

    I hated P.E. when I was in grade school. I was looked down upon for my inferior skills and it made me miserable. I was so happy when I no longer had to take it.

    If there was a sport that I would’ve played in high school, it would’ve been cross-country or track because I was always ok at running (especially short distances). But I was so caught up in learning about computers that it never occurred to me. ?

    I’m sorry that you were sick but I’m so glad you’re feeling better. The flu is definitely not fun to have.

  6. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better now. Sometimes there are some ups from downs. Glad you took the opportunity to reconnect with friends!

    It’s pretty cool how you went from being chosen last to first because of that b0ssing shot you took. Hehe, the more chances you get at doing that task, the better you get. (Just like the Gym and everything else you do). I was the one who usually gets chosen last because I’m a girl when I was a kid. I’m glad times are changing ;). Hehe, you’re always improving and end up being first in line because of your awesome skills~

  7. I had no idea what “rounders” was but it’s nice to know now. <3 Your memory was nice reading.

  8. I used to love playing rounders but probably for the wrong reason. When it was our groups turn to “field” me and my mates would stand in a spot where nobody would hit the ball so we could stand around and have a chat. I think that pretty much sums up my efforts in PE!

    I was actually pretty good at hitting the ball and I took it as a compliment when it was my turn to bat and the fielders would move back because they knew I could wack it pretty far. I’m sure my hitting skills were all thanks to my golf lessons haha.

  9. I used to hate rounders at school. I used to get shouted at so much, because I was terrible at P.E. and I never once hit the ball. I ended up getting my mum to write me notes about a pretend injury, so I could sit out of P.E. every week, or I’d just refuse. Luckily I only had to do P.E. for two years at high school though, because I was on performing arts and could opt to do dance instead (no one shouts at you in dance class)!

    It’s great that you found a love for rounders though. I think I’d have liked it more if school kids weren’t so horrible, but never mind. It’s really cool that you got picked the next time around. That never happened to me!

  10. ^^;; I’ve never heard of rounders but I guess it’s similar to softball. But that Beyonce clip definitely captures it all. I was really into sports and running as a kid, even if I didn’t know what was going on. Then again, I think I just liked running around lot since I don’t think I even had the ball most of the time. Soccer, basketball, football — I think I literally just ran around following people.

  11. HAHAHAHA that beyonce reference though! it’s GOLD.

    i have never heard of rounders before but what’s new, sports was never my thing and i was never an active kid in school so it’s not surprising to know that i’m blind when it comes to some sports. the only sports that can get me all pumped up is probably badminton. i love playing badminton. other than badminton, i don’t like other sports – well, basketball is alright but i’m not good at it so yeah. i do like swimming though but i haven’t been doing it for years. heck, i haven’t been doing ANY sports for YEARS. #BestSlothAward2k17

    hey, never regret spending time for ratchet & clank! i personally never played the game but it’s a video game and people shouldn’t regret spending time on video games! *throws fist in the air* i sacrificed my sleep to finish a game and i didn’t regret it! (even though the aftermath made me feel like my bones were breaking apart lmao)

    it’s such a great change that you’re much more active now! geez, when will be the time where i start getting active HAHAHAHA i used to sit out during P.E unless the coach said it’s ok for us girls to play badminton in our indoor assembly hall because boys and girls were grouped differently and the coach seemed to pay more attention to the boys who, so typically btw, are always into sports, mainly soccer while the girls always end up sitting out and chit-chatting because they refused to play basketball and stuff. in my defense, i sat out because i wanted badminton and badminton only, yet the coach forced us in a “girls, play soccer. you don’t want? well okay whatever, suit yourself” kind of way and that sucks so bad.

  12. Glad that your flu is almost gone. I had flu on the last week of December (and into first week of January) and it sucks to be sick over the new year. 🙁

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