September, For Me

Took this after a long walk home after missing my bus, worth it for sure!

Writing up my second-round up post feels unreal, I can’t believe how quick September went by! September always tends to be quite fast-paced for me as a student and now, a member of staff at University because on both sides of the spectrum it’s always busy with preparation for the new term.

Despite being busy and everything going by so fast, I’ve found time to look up from my busy schedule and use the time I’m not working into activities that are valuable to me.

Main Highlights

  • I re-joined Zumba a week ago and really enjoying another cardio activity to do a week. Also, another one ticked off the New Year goals list! ✔
  • I had a relaxing weekend away from my little town of Sheffield to Nottingham and Loughborough.
  • Work, work, work.
  • Finally, have a steady fitness routine in place!

I’m happy because…

  • I’ve already seen results from working out, for example, I can fit into some of my favourite clothes I’d put away for a bit with the hope of getting into them again – just under 6-8 weeks, I’ve done it!
  • I’m getting stronger – weight by weight!
  • My placement #1: One thing I really enjoy, as with other jobs I’ve had in the past is getting comfortable with the general processes of the everyday work environment, much so that I have started to feel confident with handling certain tasks with little or no supervision.
  • My placement #2: I’ve enjoyed getting much more involved with activities and campaigns occurring in the University, especially those that I very much stand for! For instance, #WeAreInternational campaign. You can find out more about the campaign in the short video below:

Next month I will…

  1. Have a finalised Capsule Wardrobe for this Autumn/Winter season, I’ll blog about this in the future!
  2. Blog as often as I can (I’ve started slipping since summer officially ended), going to aim for one post a week.
  3. Keep up with the new lifestyle habits I’ve started

Monthly favourites

Books, both by Simeon Lindstrom

  • Self-Compassion – I Don’t Have To Feel Better Than Others To Feel Good About Myself: Learn How To See Self Esteem Through The Lens Of Self-Love and Mindfulness and Cultivate The Courage To Be You
  • The Minimalist Budget: A Practical Guide On How To Save Money, Spend Less And Live More With A Minimalist Lifestyle

Both have reminded me to add value into my life (with the things I buy, buying mindfully rather than “because I’m unhappy and materials make me happy” mindset) and of course, not to be too hard on myself. I enjoy showing compassion for others, sometimes we have to look at ourselves and do the same.

Beauty: Mario Badescu products are my new skincare routine, they make me feel clean and refreshed! Have you heard of Mario Badescu before?

Most played music: 

Walk With Me – Cosmo’s Midnight, KUČKA

 Quote of the month

Don’t get mad. Don’t get even. Do better. Become so engulfed in your own success & happiness that you forget it ever happened.

Let’s go October!

12 responses to “September, For Me”

  1. Sounds like a pretty good month! Congrats on losing some weight too!

  2. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks September went in the blink of an eye.

    I am so happy that you have gotten into a steady fitness routine and you look amazing!

    I’m glad you were able to get out of town for a bit and enjoy some other sights that the UK has to offer.

    I’ve never heard of Mario Badescu but I’d love to find out more about the products

  3. You’re doing a great job with all of the exercising! Glad to hear that you’re experiencing positive results from all of your hard work ;). Keep it up, Pauline~

    Good job with your placements! It’s amazing that you’re getting involved and putting out your best effort for a better you and atmosphere! I’m always happy whenever I hear people being self-sustainable at work and not having to be supervised all the time. Independence ftw! I need to learn how to fuel my happiness with non-material things. My spending has been pretty crazy lately…

    Keep it up and stay awesome, girly!~

  4. You’ve had a great month, and good job with your fitness routine! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Awesome job with your placements! It’s great that you’ve been able to adjust to your work quite well. Now you’re ready to work independently. I’m happy that you’re becoming more involved in activities too, it makes work (and life in general) more meaningful 🙂

  5. Seems like you had a great September. It’s so good that you managed to make a routine and you can keep up with it. I am trying to do that for so long but I always end up giving up.

    I hope October will be as good as September xo

  6. Is it me or does September always go by REALLY quick?

    I absolutely love Zumba! They’re bringing it to my branch, too! (I love that we go to the same gym, haha) What’s your gym routine? I’ve slacked off again 🙁

    Good luck with your October goals! I know you’ll smash them.

  7. Glad you enjoyed and conquered your September! ^^

  8. You look awesome! That’s great that you have a steady fitness routine and that you’re seeing results! I’m glad that your placement is going well too 🙂

    I haven’t heard of those books, but they sound like good, positive reads. I may have to check them out!

    September was pretty busy for me too, so I can’t believe it’s October now. I hope October will be great for you too!

  9. yo gurl, what an active lifestyle! I can’t remember when was the last time i went to the gym – probably 2 years ago? and even that was spent on speed walking and running on treadmill because that’s the only workout i was willing to do. to be honest, that still IS the only workout i’m gonna do if i go to the gym again today lol I’m just so lazy and would rather go on a strict diet rather than going to the gym if i ever want to lose weight. and that explains why i don’t have firm arms, for instance, and i’m like a sluggish sloth with collagen milky skin and arms instead hahaha

    I heard about mario badescu before, yes! never tried them though. some of my favorite beauty vloggers talked about mario badescu 😀 there’s no mario badescu in where i live so i can’t get samples.

  10. I love that you set goals for yourself! I feel goal-setting makes you much more productive. I’ve also found that when I set goals and time lines for myself, I’m more prone to finishing them.

    I’ve actually used a couple Mario Badescu products! I liked them but have a tendency to try out different products instead of sticking to one, haha.

  11. That is awesome news that you have already seen results with your weight and that you are feeling much stronger. It’s a great feeling to have more strength! 😀

    I hope you have a really great October! 😀

  12. Congrats on finding a fitness routine that works for you – and for feeling and doing better for it. I’ve still not quite found what works for me but I’m sort of enjoying trying out different things along the way 🙂

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