2 out of 3

Yesterday I sat my last exam in Anatomy and then just like that – my second year of university was over.

Trip to Rivelin Valley
Last year’s post-exam trip to see the beautiful view and soak up the rare UK weather.

My summer exams turned out easier than I thought, don’t get me wrong though, I still found it difficult but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Fingers crossed with the results in exactly a month!

I don’t think it’s dawned on me yet that exams are officially done and that I’m free for the next 3 months; when I got back home yesterday I was looking around for something university/revision-related to do – that’s what the exam season does to you (happened way too many times in my academic career.)

My second year at university has definitely made me more career-focused with all the opportunities I was given, I’m so, so grateful for this! In terms of my course, the range of different modules opened my eyes to the science I really love.

During my exam season, I tried to take regular breaks when I could. A few weeks ago, I went on a lovely walk around Damflask Reservoir. This is what I feel grateful for about my town, I can experience the best of both worlds – a lively city and beautiful greenery in under a 20-minute drive both ways.


Inspired by my friend who told me that one of his year aims is to be more in touch with nature, I will not immerse myself inside in front of my laptop for the whole summer but instead, get out there – it’s only 20 minutes away – to have a breath of fresh air (and not from the city air either.)


It’s these walls that make me stop and think about things and all the while feeling very grateful for a bunch of things which I’ve started noting down on a spread in my Bullet Journal (a future blog post on that!)


In addition this, I’ve got some really exciting plans for 3 months of summer: in July I fly out for a much-needed break to Costa Brava in Spain – I haven’t been abroad in a long time, I’m already halfway packed despite it being more than a month away.

With the rest of the time I have, I’ll mostly spend it preparing for post-graduation steps, working at my part-time job and catching up with as many friends as I can.

Excited to keep myself busy, I sometimes forget that I need to chill sometimes (again, I am a real life, Monica) so a goal of mine is to make sure to actually relax this summer (that’s what the holiday and regular walks are for right?) rather than burn out like last summer where I worked two jobs full time, making myself more tired rather than refreshed for the next academic year.

Also, it’s my birthday at the end of the month! I’m turning 20 – it’s so weird. When I was younger, 20 was so old and adult-like. I somewhat expect to turn into a real adult the minute I turn 20, who knows.

Now I’m going to fulfil my stay-in-touch-with-nature by going on a walk, away from my laptop.

Are you going anywhere this summer? Do you go out on regular walks away from the city?

9 responses to “2 out of 3”

  1. I miss that feeling of finishing university for the summer. It’s nice knowing that you have a long break over the summer and that you have somewhere to return to in September. Congratulations on completing your second year. I’m sure you will have done well on your exams. 🙂

    It’s sounds like you’ve got an awesome summer planned. I’ve got a week off at the end of June and I’m off to Lanzarote, but it will be tough knowing I have to go back to work afterwards.

  2. Good to hear your exams went pretty well! Hope you did well!

    Those pictures are beautiful! Nature can be really amazing sometimes. I really should go outside more myself!

    Just make sure you relax lots!

  3. Congratulations on finishing off your second year! Hope you’ll enjoy your break before another year of schooling! It’s great to see that you’ve learned a lot from your college experience inside and outside the class. Nature is good for the soul, spend more time in it! It’s great as a “cleanse” away from technology and all of that stuff ;)… Unlike me where I’m a boring city girl XD.

  4. Congrats on finishing your second year and happy early birthday!!! I remember too when turning 20 seemed like such a huge deal but I would say that now (approaching 24) I am more comfortable with being the childish self I am. 😛

    20 minutes away from your city seems like such a beautiful and easy getaway! Definitely take advantage of your summer! I’m not going anywhere this summer so far but I am going to be work-free for the first time since 2013 so I want to take advantage of that too. I am taking an intensive class though, but the rest is all free time!

  5. Best of luck with results. Really enjoy third year before uni is over forever!! I’ve heard Costa Brava is quite gorgeous so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, if anything it’ll be great to get some sun. Ah, we are all getting old ahaha. I just turned 21 a few months ago and I’m about to start working full-time, I feel sooo old and 21 isn’t even that old at all.

  6. I hope you get great results on your exams! Now that you’re done, you can fully relax and enjoy that three months of freedom! I miss having that — vacations where you don’t have school or work to worry about. I haven’t had that since I was in undergrad and I miss those breaks a lot!

    Your thoughts about going for walks in nature and such reminds me of the Romantic poets like Coleridge and Wordsworth, and how they’d take long walks to commune with nature and translate those experiences into poetry. I, too, want to do that more, and I will try to do so! However, what I really like are Japanese gardens, and the parks here doesn’t feel the same at all X_X But I guess it’s something I should take what I can get!

    Enjoy your summer, Pauline! You deserve it after completing your second year of uni ^_^

  7. Congrats on finishing your exams and your second year of university! Giving yourself a break once in a while is a good idea, especially ones where you can take a break from staring at the computer. I have to admit that I spend way too much time on the computer and should really get out more. The scenery during your walk is beautiful! That’s great that you have a place like that nearby!

    That’s exciting that you have a trip planned for the summer! I have a trip planned too, but it isn’t until August. I can’t wait for it 🙂 I hope you have a fun and relaxing summer!

  8. Congrats on finishing your second year of college <3 Beautiful photos and yes, I'm not doing much this summer til the fall semester starts again in August. Well, at the end of August XD

  9. I already took my ‘summer’ holiday – it’s winter back in Sydney now, but it was good to get away from the cold. 😉

    Sometimes I try to get away from my laptop but it’s hard. I do, however, love nature walks and getting in touch with nature. I still take photos on my phone and post them on social media, though!

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