My time as a Creative Diva

The Workstation as seen on my Instagram.

If you follow me on my social media profiles, you probably know that over the past week, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with the leading creative marketing business – Diva Creative.

Known for the innovative creations that help drive social change, they thrive to make a difference to lives and communities in the most ethical ways possible. Some creative examples of their work can be seen here.

Although I currently study a heavily analytical scientific subject, over the Easter break, I decided to indulge into the opposite side of the spectrum – the world of creativity.

It may seem as though my degree has no creativity involved but this isn’t actually the case at all. In actual fact, I re-connected with my creative side during an organ donation marketing campaign project as part of my course where I met Diva’s Digital Services Manager, AJ.

A detailed history of my exposure to code can be read up on my Author page or previous posts, but briefly, I started learning HTML/CSS 9 years ago after spending months on a drop and drop website builder called Piczo. I taught myself website development and design throughout the years, hopefully getting better as I go along.


Sharpening Skills & Expanding Connections

Even though my time at Diva was short, I attained a wealth of rich practical experiences in front-end web-development, exposure to a client-driven business environment and marketing, specifically social media and email marketing whilst working closely with Diva’s digital team.

Collaboration with Diva’s Senior Digital Designer I was able to experience the process of turning initial ideas into finished products that always align perfectly with client’s requests.I was also given hands on experience with coding which allowed me to contribute to Diva’s ongoing projects including the creation of several HTML mailers and assisting with the design of a client’s web page.

Through this experience I was able to increase my attention to detail by going through lines of code, creative flare as I was joined by the most diverse team EVER, all expressing differing styles from one another and in addition, even picked up several coding tips and tricks from Diva’s Senior Developer.

My time with the digital team has enhanced my efficiency to code and understanding of modern web-framework and responsive design.


Overall Experience

Being the only female within the digital team, I felt like I took another step forward to prove that females are breaking through a traditionally male-dominated field of work and be awesome at it.

I really did enjoy being a part of such a dynamic, passionate, like-minded team whilst picking up valuable skills and attributes needed for the industry.

I haven’t set myself into one specific career but I’m glad I did this work experience, although I have to admit, it was quite scary at first as I felt I knocked on the wrong doors but it really has allowed me to open more opportunities for myself post-graduation and also hopefully illustrates to fellow undergraduates that flexibility is possible. The degree you choose doesn’t have to be your set career.

Transferable and technical skills acquired throughout the years are important because you can be fully flexible with them – just as I (a Biomedical Sciences student that is way out of the field) has shown through my positive contribution at Diva.

The creativity and passion that is continuously expressed throughout their work ethic has inspired me to continue working towards my love of everything digital alongside the extensive learning on anatomical features of the neocranium.

Be sure to check Diva out and follow them on Twitter to add the leaders of social change as well as artistic visuals onto your feed!

Big thanks to AJ for the invaluable opportunity, Adam for the excellent photography, Lock for the toast(s) and the rest of the inspiring Diva team!

17 responses to “My time as a Creative Diva”

  1. What a wonderful experience, Pauline! I think it’s great you were the only female on the team. Yay, girl power!

    Your post reminds me of the creativity class I took in my postgrad programme, and I have to say that it’s a complete misnomer that creativity is only in the so-called creative fields like art, music, and et cetera. NO. Creativity is everywhere! Without creativity all those science discoveries and inventions would have never happened. I believe that creativity helps us thinks outside the box and sees thing in multiple ways, and through that, people constantly think of new things all the time. Don’t get me started on why we shouldn’t take away the arts, the creative fields and subjects away from people pursuing education.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience, Pauline!

  2. That’s great that you get to work with Diva Creative. Something to put on your resume. When you do finish uni and it’s time to go out to look for a job, the employers are going to be impress when they see that you work with Diva Creative. The more experience you can gain, the better opportunities for you in the long run. So, that’s what I’ve been told. I work at the front desk at my uni job. Aside to that, I’ll go out and help maintain the computers at some of our general use classrooms. It’s not part of my front desk duties, but I’m willing to cross train within the department. It sounds like you had a good experience working at Diva Creative. I can’t wait to do my internship.

    I learned html and css on my own. I used Lissa Explains It All as a guide. I made my first html website on Microsoft Front Page. Later on, I learned php. It’s not that hard to learn. It takes time to know how to do it. I just kept practicing and eventually got the hang of it.

  3. Yay you! Sounds like an awesome experience!

  4. That must have been a wonderful experience, Pauline! =) I’m with Tara, here!~ Girl Power!

    I remember taking a few creativity classes and enjoying the hell out of them when I was younger, but I also found them stifling in a way because I was currently on writer’s block (yeah for a bad creative writing teacher and class, too) and produced mediocre work. Anyhow, I’m glad you got this opportunity =)

  5. Diva Creative = winning! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing something outside of your studies. It’s good to be well-rounded and be exposed to the different fields out there! Maybe one day, you can find a way to combine all aspects into one (great if you’re doing a startup).

    It sounds like you took charge of the experience and showed everyone how awesome and knowledgeable you are! Biomedical sciences or web developer, you got it under control ;).

  6. That’s a great fun opportunity! Agree that the degree shouldn’t hinder you from pursuing other activities. Am glad you really like working with code. And you’re the only female team is awesome! Just curious though coz they have diva in their name. Haha!

    And you’ll be visiting the Philippines? THAT’S GREAT! When was the last time you went here?

  7. That sounds like a really great experience, and that’s great that you learned a lot! Coding for someone else is definitely a different feeling. It’s sad how I let certain things slip when I’m making internal tools for myself, haha. Those are things I’m more attentive to when doing things for work. I’m glad you had this opportunity with Diva Creative!

  8. That is a great opportunity. Its very good for your future job experience. Internships are fun and very important for future 🙂 I cant wait to do mine but i have some time left now 🙂 x

  9. You go girl! Im really smiling while reading this post and you even mentioned that you’re the only girl in the company.

    I remember my On The Job Training days back in January to March 2015 while reading this post. Working with the company really helps us to be a better person. During my internship period, I have no idea about HTML5 and Responsive design. I just learned it all on my stay at the company.

    Im really happy that you got to work with prestigious agency and learned new things especially about web development. I can feel your passion for web development over here. teehee. It’s the experience that counts and also you look good on the photos. You look well focused on work. Go girl! 🙂

    Btw I have checked the Diva Creative works and they are all stunning!

  10. What an awesome and invaluable experience! I loved reading this because I love seeing people branch out of their “major” into other areas that they love and making a great contribution. There’s always more to learn in life and it sounds like you got a lot out of your time with Diva! And it seems like everyone there from your post loved having you and even learned some stuff from you!

  11. I am all for being diverse in terms of study, work and hobbies. Working with Diva Creative sounds like it was a great and inspirational opportunity. You go girl! Get that science degree and express your creativity at the same time. Sounds like we have a lot in common. 😉

  12. It sounds like an amazing experience. I imagine you feel motivated and inspired and this will push your work further. It’s really wonderful. x

  13. That’s wonderful that you got some work experience in front end web development. I’m sure it’s valuable no matter what you pursue after graduation.

    And very true on how your degree does not have to dictate your career. At least that’s what I have to remind myself also. (My degree was biomedical engineering; my career…not bme.)

    And omg, I love what Tara just mentioned. “Creativity is everywhere!” Amen sister!

  14. It’s so cool that you got that opportunity. Work experience is definitely important for when you finish your degree, regardless what the subject is. It helps you decide what you’d like to do as well.

    In my second year I did a placement in copywriting, and that helped me so much when both deciding on and applying for jobs. I kind of wish I’d taken it upon myself to look for other placements during uni too, but I was too busy working in retail.

    It sounds like you had a lot of fun and learned a lot too. I need to brush up my coding skills. It’s been far too long!

  15. Sounds you had an amazing experience with Diva.

    I work as a full time software engineer for small company that educates professionals about the technology world, and will be shortly moving onto one of the UK’s biggest supermarket chain. I totally understand the feeling of being the only women in the digital team. Should you ever feel that’s that route you want to take after your studies, you’re always welcome to contact me if you need someone to speak to or have any questions regarding the digital world, career paths, or even women in tech in general 😀

  16. Women represent! I feel like that’s all I need to say. 😛 But I am glad you had this valuable experience even though it was only for a short time.

    I also thoroughly agree with your degree not having to line up to what you work in. Front-end development can easily be learned online and you and I are prime examples of women who have studied and enjoyed what they wanted to do, and still find the time to develop and code in our spare time. HIGH FIVE ? <3

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