Eye see a problem

A photograph of my eye. You can vaguely see the edges of my contact lenses.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a rather angry tweet about my recent visit at my local Boots Opticians.

My mom recently got back home from a visit from The Philippines and found that there is a hereditary history of glaucoma on my mom’s side of the family. For those who don’t know, Glaucoma is an eye condition that affects your vision due to a build up of pressure in the eye.

The last time I had an eye appointment was at around a year ago, the optician recommended me to take the glaucoma test.

I had to go back twice because they were looking closely at the pictures of the back of my eye. Thankfully, at that time everything was okay but the optician did tell me to come by every 12 months to check if there are any changes. I didn’t know I had a history of glaucoma in my family so when I got this asked I obviously said no.

So I went to go get this checked as well as see if my prescription needed changing (and what a lovely excuse to buy new glasses!) I did arrive at my appointment around 4 minutes late because it’s Bank Holiday so it was busier than usual.

The guy at the desk told me that I may not be able to see an optician because of this and that I can reschedule or wait around to see if the next person was going to come. I chose to wait around.

A few minutes later, I asked the same guy again if the person has shown up. He didn’t reply the usual, “yes” or “no” He just said with an eye roll, “Just go sit over there.” So, I take a seat assume myself that I’m going to be seen because this lovely gentleman failed to tell me if I was or not. Thankfully, I got seen by a lovely optometrist who updated my prescription as well as tell me fascinating visual systems and eye facts! (Which I always love hearing about – I used to always excitedly ask questions when I went to the optician because AREN’T EYES ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING?!)

I told the optician about the recent discovery of glaucoma in the family and how I wanted to be checked again just to help me sleep at night as well as my mom ha! He said it wasn’t a problem, so took me outside to see his colleague who would perform the test on me. This guy was the first gentleman at the desk.

He wasn’t happy to see me again, this was obvious by his lack of smile and his words, QUOTE: “Follow me to the glaucoma testing room so you can quickly go” I tried not to hang on this too long because I thought he was just having a long day and was probably extremely tired. I mean – I was too – I had a long Boxing Day weekend at work!

But, when he got round to be doing the tests – he failed to explain to me anything he was doing, did it all as fast as possible without giving me TIME to compose myself (and my eyes) after the pressure gun and flashing lights. AND when the final test was done, what does he say to me? “Okay, that’ll be 25 pounds to the till please.” I thought he was going to tell me my results, help reassure me about the possibilities of the condition or just anything BUT THE MONEY I OWE? No, this wasn’t the case. So, I follow him to the till. Hand him over the money and he gives me my change and my cash receipt then says, “OK. Bye.”

What is wrong with this?

  • I don’t even have my sight test prescription update – SO HOW CAN I CHANGE MY LENSES/BUY NEW GLASSES WITHOUT IT?
  • I don’t even have a reassurance of the results of the glaucoma test
  • He didn’t give me a chance to say that I need to get a contact lens eye check too and sign up to the contact lens scheme.

I tell him about the contact lens scheme and how I’d like to apply for it during my next appointment. He tells me that, “You need to pay 35 pounds for this one if you don’t join the scheme. IT IS 35 POUNDS.” The way he exaggerated the amount if I didn’t end up joining was ridiculous. Sure, I was dressed in my university hoodie, joggers and my old running trainers but I think I could afford the next eye check if I didn’t end up signing up to the scheme.

He proceeded to book me in for my next appointment, again repeating how IF I DON’T SIGN UP ON THE DAY TO THE SCHEME (which I was planning to this WHOLE freaking time) THAT I’D HAVE TO PAY 35 POUNDS. Good lord. Yes, I get it. After I booked, he hurriedly repeated the, “OK. Bye.”

But no, I still didn’t have my prescription or results to my test so I wasn’t going to just leave. I asked about the test, he huffed and said, “It’s okay.” I waited approximately 30 seconds for him to say anything else, but nope, seems like that was all I was getting today. Oh wait, he did speak again though. “Ok. Bye now.”

I was about to just leave, so I turn but then turn back towards him. I remember my prescription. I ask him again about my prescription because I needed it to replace my current lenses that have my old prescription in. He didn’t wait for the explanation or apologised for forgetting to give it to me; he just picks it up from the desk and throws it at me.

Okay, maybe, “throw” isn’t a great word for it but visualise someone about to throw a frisbee. Now replace that with my prescription…  Sphere: -5.50, axis: 10; yep, that’s mine. And he doesn’t wait for my hand to take it, he just sort of… throws it at me. Or anatomically speaking “abducts” towards me.

At this point, I’m super annoyed. I just pick it up and go. Have you ever wished you did something at a certain point in time? Thought about how amazing it would’ve been if you did do it? Yeah, that’s me now. My mom kept telling me I should’ve told him straight up what his problem was because that was totally out of line. Not just his stuck up attitude but his failure to tell me about the possibility of glaucoma (THE WHOLE REASON WHY I WENT THERE???) Thanks for the reassurance! I’m sure “okay” is a satisfactory answer.

I’m not happy and will definitely be complaining next time I go there. I hate awful customer service and rude, ill-mannered people. Get. A. Grip! Have you ever experienced anything similar?

Anyway, sorry about this rather angry rant I hope you all have a happy new year! I don’t have any plans as of yet but to study for my January exams. Student life is the best life.

29 responses to “Eye see a problem”

  1. Urgh, what horrible customer service. This would genuinely stop me from going to this place. I hope you do go back and complain, regardless of if the person was having a horrible day there is absolutely no excuse for treating you like that!


    1. I am going back to complain for sure – it’s honestly not on! I was left very upset!


  2. I laughed so much when you said “What’s wrong with this? *bullet points*” hahaha :”) it reminded me why I love following you on twitter so much, because of how sassy you are when someone gets on your wrong side 😉

    Reading this reminded me of when I was working in Next over boxing day for a 6 hour shift and enduring multiple customers THROWING clothes at me simply because the fitting rooms were closed since the sale is so busy, yet I still smiled at every customer till the fifth hour and fifty ninth minute. If you wanna work in retail then you have to be at least a decent human being!!

    He’s probably one of those people who got the job because he’s the manager’s nephew or something. But don’t let him ruin your day silly people like that aren’t worth even thinking about 🙂

    Your eyes look stunning I love the protein structures in your iris 😀

    1. Haha, because I need to point out EVERY single thing he did wrong. As a person who works in customer service, that was not called for!

  3. What a jerk. I would have been super upset if I had been treated like that. I understand having a bad day and everything, but really… and being four minutes late I feel is not that big of a deal. I could understand if you were more than fifteen minutes, but four?

    I would definitely send in a complaint. He shouldn’t be able to act that way without at least some kind of consequences.

    1. That’s what I mean – I hate being late so I was really upset with myself but the way he treated me after was uncalled for!

  4. Ugh, he sounds like a jerk. He could of been way nicer with giving you your results and stuff and just in general.

    Reminds me of when I got my last pair of glasses. The lady who was waiting on us didn’t even check to see if they fitted right (ya know how they adjust them on your face and stuff). Was irritating. I don’t go to that place anymore. XD

    But yeah, I would totally complain next time!

    1. I definitely will be complaining when I go back!

  5. What a careless man! If he didn’t want to work, he should have kept his shop closed! this is no way to treat customers, and getting your eyes checked is no joke! That’s why I always go to an M.D ophthalmologist doctor for my check ups!

    1. It’s definitely not a joke, I was so upset and am arranging to get my eyes checked by another optician.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that your visit to the Optometrist was an unpleasant trip. I have had many unpleasant trips and can recall one in particular. Only because I witnessed it at work. I was working at a fast-food restaurant right after high school and it was at night. I was packing an order when a couple came to the cash register. I told them I will be with them shortly as no one else wanted to take them. I finally finished and apologized for being late. The woman said rather rudely “Well, it’s about time.” I was rather shocked when I heard that but I did not let her know that. I said to her as nice as I could “How may I take your order?” She gave me her order and as always you have to repeat the order back to the customers to make sure you got it right. When I was done repeating it back to her she said “That’s what I said.” I was getting a little annoyed at this woman’s attitude and the fact her husband did nothing to stop her. So, I proceeded to take her cash and noticed that the cash register did not have any quarters. I told her as politely as I could “Ma’am, I am sorry this isn’t my normal cash register. I will have to get some quarters.” And she said something that really got under my skin when I was walking towards the office. I stopped and counted to 5 because I really wanted to smack the hell out of this woman for giving me an attitude. Anyways, I came back to the cash register, broke the quarters into the register and apologized again. I handed her, her change and then her food. I proceeded to tell her thank you and to come again. She said as I was handing her her food “Well, it’s about time!” My mouth just dropped. However, I said “Have a good night.” Her husband smiled at me apologetically and left. My co-workers applauded me for not smacking her. They asked how come I did not smack as they would have. I told them “It’s either I smack her and lose my job, or I keep my cool and keep my job.” So, I just kept my cool.

    1. Ugh, I admire you for keeping your cool. I would’ve definitely flipped out!

  7. What a jerk. What kind of customer service is that? Ugh so sorry you had to go through all of that. You should definitely complain.

    Good luck with exams! 🙂

    1. Thank you sweetie :”)

  8. What a jerk, horrible customer service. I hope your eye is okay. Happy Holidays! 🙂

    1. I’m definitely getting it checked again!

  9. Ugh, how annoying! If people are going to treat customers that way they shouldn’t work in customer service.
    You should definitely complain and hope you get more information when you go back for your next appointment.

    1. I will – I’m going to another optician just in case!

  10. Wow, that guy is so rude! I also thought doctor’s offices had more leeway and that 4 minutes late is still ok. Even if he was having a bad day, he still has to do his job. Your eye health is very important too! It’s not something he should just rush through to get you out the door. You should definitely complain about him, and I hope something is done about it!

    (And happy new year!)

    1. Thanks Cat! I’ve complained and the company got back to me, hopefully they will sort it out.

  11. That’s ridiculous! I hope you complained about the terrible service. They should give you another check-up for free for that. I don’t understand how they get customers if they treat them so badly!

    Hope everything’s okay. And happy new year!

    1. I think it was that one particular guy, I think Boots have a great optician set up going on!

  12. It’s unbelievable how unforgiving these offices are when it comes to being 4 minutes late. If you were 30++ minutes late, it’s a different story. At least you got an optometrist to see you :). Hopefully the receptionist only had a long day and isn’t like this all the time! Especially since he’s being like that to you!

    Don’t let this loser get to you :). His attitude will catch up to him eventually and do complain about him. Employers won’t have “evidence” to get rid of someone unless people speak up. Hopefully your eyes will stay fine!

    1. Thanks Nancy! I will definitely be going back to get my eyes checked again!

  13. I don’t recall experiencing anything quite similar to what you did at the optometrist. I had my eyes checked for the first time last month and was told that my eyes were still really good. I’ve never had glasses before but think they are an awesome accessory! I managed to get a slight prescription just for keeping my eyes from getting tired as quickly since I spend a lot of time staring at screens. I was hopping to pick up some glasses when there were good sales but I didn’t have time to go out. =(

    Aside from the rude guy, I hope everything else was okay and that you manage to get yourself some new glasses.

    Best of luck in your exams! <3

    1. Thank you Ella! You should check online, they have some nice glasses sales about 😉

  14. Bad eye doctor you went to, hopefully you can find someone that can actually have the decency to explain everything to you. I’ll be going back to the eye doctor soon on the account of needing a change of eye glasses because of the wreck. My frames are broken on one side and it sucks.

    I too, hate terrible customer service like that, and I have no reason to doubt your anger.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I have complained a lot and sent it to Customer Services, hopefully they will sort it out.

  15. Oh my goodness, I am sorry you had to deal with someone so rude. As you are someone who has worked in retail maybe you could have taught the guy a thing or two about customer service. So rude.

    I usually like to let things slide and think that maybe the person was not having a great day but that’s just unacceptable!

    I sincerely hope that next time you go back you get better service and someone who can actually tend to your concerns about your family history glaucoma. How very upsetting that you spent time there and could not even get peace of mind 🙁 *hug*

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